We’re not Casual; We’re Hyper-Casual

Lepricon’s prediction for a hyper-casual gaming future

In our increasingly busy lives, one segment of the gaming industry continues to grow as the need for play, combined with the constraints of time and difficulty, drives the rise of hyper-casual gaming. With low barriers to entry and gameplay requiring very little preparation and time commitment, hyper-casual games are the go-to choice of busy people who do not consider themselves gamers.

What are hyper-casual games?

Hypercasual games are games that players may play with minimal instructions, simple controls, short game sessions, and clear, achievable paths to winning. They are usually played on mobile devices such as phones and are to the deep, immersive games found on consoles and desktops, what light afternoon snacks are to a multi-course banquet. 

Lepricon’s First Hyper-Casual Games

Lepricon will combine the power of the decentralized web and the compelling attraction of hyper-casual gaming to create fun experiences for gamers that allow for quick and simple gameplay with the ability to win rewards and achievements.

We will be releasing a new game every quarter starting at the end of Q1 2021. We will focus on prediction games for the first three releases. These will be games where players predict an event’s outcome, be it a card draw, the price of bitcoin, or the winners of an esports match. The play will be simple, fast, and easy to understand with game sessions that last less than a few minutes.

The first game, KQJ, is a simple prediction game where players guess what card will turn up in a drawing of one card with three possible outcomes: a king, queen, or joker. Players can choose either a king or a queen. If a Joker turns up, then the house wins. Each round only takes 25 seconds which makes the game fast and easy to learn. If a player can predict the right card three times in a row, they will be eligible to buy an asset, in this case, some portion of Bitcoin at a discount garnered from players’ entry fees and their losses from making a wrong guess.

KQJ will initially use free-to-play tokens so that new players can start playing quickly, but the reward discount to buy bitcoin is real. This early game’s target users will be the Lepricon community and crypto enthusiasts already familiar with tokens but not traditional gamers. The game can also serve to introduce gamers to tokens and crypto.

In the first year, Lepricon will build prediction games where players make guesses on real-world events. We will continue to learn and evolve during this first year as a new company to create fun games, build communities, and transition to a more decentralized infrastructure.

Our current product pipeline, which may change as we grow and learn, aims to release a new game every quarter.

  • Q1 KQJ (Card draw outcome)
  • Q2 Bitpool (Price of Bitcoin) 
  • Q3 Fans Predict (E-Sports) 
  • Q4 TBD

Our initial foray into prediction games will allow us to build the practical expertise needed to transition into prediction markets. Fans Predict will be a precursor to this. Our roadmap is one designed to create value in the long run. We believe that slow and steady will win the race. 

We are very excited to start this journey, and we hope you join us in finding that pot of tokens at the end of the rainbow as part of our community.