When Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon over fifty years ago, he took a small step for man and a giant leap for both mankind and bettors everywhere as this was the first time a bookmaker accepted a bet on a non-sports related event. As Todd Dewey explains in his Las Vegas Review-Journal article, Bookmaker William Hill lost […]

Hong Kong, 19 January 2021 — Lepricon Technologies, a community-governed and player-owned prediction games platform, announced its strategic partnership with Blockwell, a leading technology blockchain technology company that offers blockchain business, payment, and cryptocurrency solutions. Lepricon will use several of Blockwell’s considerable array of services and technologies. Notably, Blockwell will provide Lepricon’s pre-audited smart contract. […]

The plan of AMA session: Part — Introduction and preselected questions Part —Live questions The Quiz The reward pool is 500$ Leading the AMA our clever and fun admins: Mary | Satoshi Club — @madamlobster and D. | Satoshi Club — @Cool_as_Ice The Representative of the project: Joshua Galloway — @JoshuaGalloway — CEO of lepriconio. […]

“The house always wins” is a familiar saying to anyone who has visited a casino, and, although it’s a truism, sometimes the house doesn’t always win. Sometimes it tries to cheat or at least bend the rules and take advantage of questionable situations. Sometimes what you think is the house is something entirely different. Some […]

💁‍♂️Telegram AMA: Lepricon 🕑AMA Timing: 31 December 2020 | 02:00 PM HKT | 14:00 GMT +8 🎫Venue: https://t.me/lepriconio 🎁Reward: Each will receive $20 worth of L3P for all chosen questions Host: Greetings everyone! We are about to start the AMA! 🥳🥳 Host: For Segment 1: Introduction Host: A pleasure to have you here Sir @JoshuaGalloway. We have a […]