Lepricon expands advisory team with more industry experts

Hong Kong, 25 February 2021 – Lepricon Technologies, a community-governed prediction games platform, announced that it had appointed five new members of its advisory panel as it begins executing its business plan following the successful completion of its soft cap financing. 

The new advisors bring expertise in video games, NFTs and FinTech and will play a crucial role in developing Lepricon’s gaming platform and its DeFi services. 

“We are incredibly excited about the outstanding roster of expertise we have been able to assemble to ensure Lepricon achieves its maximum potential,” said Joshua Galloway, Founder & CEO of Lepricon. “One of Lepricon’s greatest strengths has been its team of seasoned and experienced industry experts. And now the team has grown exponentially stronger.”

The new advisors are:

Frank Yu – Video Games Advisor
Frank is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in game development, interactive entertainment, finance, and user experience. He built Microsoft’s first Asian casual game and Xbox Live development team in the early 2000s and was responsible for launching the original Xbox console in Asia. As COO of Shouji Mobile Entertainment, acquired by Tencent Mobile, he led the development of mobile games for AAA publishers, including EA and Sony. Frank works with the VC, SOSV in their accelerators, guiding and mentoring founders in the Food, IoT, and Blockchain space.

Tony Zander – Video Games Advisor
Tony brings decades of experience in video game development and design to Lepricon. He is the Managing Director of Vectr Ventures, a venture studio that invests in companies that create disruptive products; CEO of Area 28 Technologies, a cloud-based game development environment; and a lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Previously, he was Creative Director for Zynga, the game publisher behind Words with Friends, Cafe World, and Farmville. Before that, he held numerous leadership positions with Microsoft Game Studios. 

Jure Zih – NFT Advisor
Jure was the founder and CEO of 0xcert, an open-source protocol for validating the existence, authenticity, and ownership of digital assets on the blockchain. This was also the reference implementation for ERC-721 . As such, he is one of the pioneers in the development of NFTs and considered a leading expert in the field.

Jacky Lee – NFT Advisor
Jacky’s credentials as an expert in NFTs are unquestionable, given he was the lead project manager that brought CryptoKitties to Asia and oversaw the development of the iOS and Android versions of the game. Jacky is currently the marketing manager for MANTRA DAO, the community-governed DeFi platform focused on staking, lending, and governance. 

John Trotter – FinTech Advisor
John is an advisor to startups and early-stage ventures and a part-time lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Previously he was head of E-Distribution Digital Partnerships and Innovation for Sun Life Asia. There, John developed digital insurance partnerships with leading Asian enterprises, including telcos, Digital Banks, and Retail. He has also held leadership positions at Royal Bank of Scotland, AXA, and Tesco. 

The Lepricon platform will launch in the first quarter of 2021. It will provide hyper-casual games for the general public that operate on a blockchain backbone via their native governance token, L3P. Three games, developed in-house, will accompany the launch, followed by the regular release of in-house and acquired content. Lepricon will also offer opportunities for staking and liquidity mining to those that hold L3P. 

Lepricon recently released its white paper, available at lepricon.io, and expects to announce details of its first public sale before the end of February.

About Lepricon

Lepricon is a community-owned and governed prediction games platform that allows stakers, developers, and gamers to enjoy the benefits of DeFi in a gamified way, backed by a vibrant community in which all participants receive rewards for positive contributions and interactions.

Lepricon is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) – an organization represented by rules enshrined in computer code; transparent and controlled by the network participants and not by a central authority.

For further information, please visit https://www.lepricon.io.

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