Lepricon AMA Recap Together With Joshua Galloway (Lepricon-CEO)

The AMA Session had 3 Segments:

  • Introduction / Questions from The CryptoChainPh Team
  • Questions from Twitter
  • Live AMA

Segment 1: Introduction / Questions from The CryptoChainPh Team

Okay! Let’s start.

Can you please introduce yourself to the community. Can you give us an introduction about Lepricon?

Joshua Galloway:
Thank you — I would be happy to. First a bit about me..

I come to this project with over 20 years experience in video games, eSports, and gaming, and have been very active in blockchain since 2016.

My background includes producing and publishing AAA titles, MMO games, and mobile games. I transitioned into blockchain about 4 years ago as I could see that gaming and blockchain would eventually collide and there was going to be massive disruption there. And disruption means opportunity! As to Lepricon itself…

Lepricon is a community-governed prediction games platform structured as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.

Our core activity is providing hypercasual games for the general user which operate on a blockchain backbone via our native governance and platform token L3P. Blockchain is our enabler. Entertainment is our business.

The Lepricon platform also offers opportunities for staking and liquidity mining.Our platform will be open to third-party developers as a channel for the games they produce. In many ways an app store for prediction-based entertainment.

What are the products you can offer to the community?

Joshua Galloway:
There are two main channels here..

  1. A staking platform which generates a stable yield for holders of L3P tokens who use the staking feature of Lepricon. We enhance this yield through a buyback and make model.
  2. Prediction markets and games — A platform for hypercasual apps and games. We will have three games shortly after launch but are in discussion with third-party developers to quickly grow the entertainment options on offer.

What is the usecase of L3P? What are the benefits of investors for holding (Project Token)?

Joshua Galloway:
As a community governed DAO, holding the token gives you a voice in regards to the future of platform features and content at Lepricon. Investors and token holders will be full participants in the community.

The other benefit for investors is that we are focused on the entertainment that we provide. A successful and thriving user base is what will drive value to the token and we understand that.

And we will be delighted to share games here as and when they launch.

Tell us about your plans for 2020, what are you currently working on?

Joshua Galloway:
Currently, we are gearing up for launch. On the product side, we are working on the opening salvo of three games. We are also putting our marketing strategy together. And of course, we are currently engaged in the private sale stage of our fundraising campaign.

And for my last question for this segment.

What is the market strategy of Lepricon to get mass adoption by millions of users or investors outside the crypto space?

Joshua Galloway:
Many of the details of our marketing plan are being worked on now but the basic strategy is to push beyond the core-crypto audience. We provide games that happen to use blockchain as a structural element. Things will change territory to territory as many countries have different rules and regulations that we need to follow but our marketing is very much that which you would expect from an entertainment company. This will be very clear when we launch the consumer-facing website early next year.

Segment 2: Questions From Twitter

Let’s start with the first question.Twitter Segment.
Question #1 from @albert3990 — Do you have plans to put other games multiplayer with smart contract in lepricon or something like it? We have a lot of with and the winner can win tokens for the other users or nft.

Joshua Galloway:
We are actually multiplayer from day one, as mutltiple players will participate in pools from which to win tokens.

And we will be looking to add games on a constant basis.

And yes, NFTs are a very important part of our strategy. There will be more annoucements about NFTs in a few weeks

Question #2 from @RahulJayaraj9 — As Lepricon runs by community participants like Network producer’s, Liquidity producers,developers and users. What are the major roles of them in Lepricon?Is voting of community have a major role in Lepricon?

Joshua Galloway:
While all of those roles exist within the Lepricon community when it comes to community management they are all the same. Holding the L3P token makes you a part of the community management regardless of the reasons you hold the token or how you use or profit from them on the network. All token holders have the ability to provide suggestions to the council and vote on tabled proposals.

Question #3 — What do you think about the boom of the NFT + DeFi association that is causing so much interest in the world? How does Lepricon take advantage of and exploit this reality?

Joshua Galloway:
For nearly 20 years I have been involved with games that feature in-game currencies (think world of warcraft, for example) and virtual items (in some cases, digital collectables) and you cannot discount fandom or what fans will spend on these digital collectables.

We will be incporporating NFTs and collectables as rewards in the future. This is not just a trend. Digital items have been around for decades.

What has changed is that now the possiblty exists to take them outside the game and be tradable on secondary markets.

Question #4 from @zambrano_li –
You clarify on your website that Lepricon does not publish its own games. Why did you choose to not host any native game? Will it always be that way or it may change in the future?

Joshua Galloway:
This is not necessarily strictly true. We are launching with inhouse titles produced in partnership with second party developers. Our plan is to have some in-house content but the real growth will come from opening the platform to third party developers so we can quickly grow a comprehensive entertainment platform.

Question #5 from @Ontortk — I see, Lepricon has reputation system called “ Shamrock Protocol” so can you explain us how It work? And what are the benefits for have good Reputation? Also there exist punishments to low reputation users?

Joshua Galloway:
The Shamrock Protocol is Lepricon’s loyalty and rewards program. Our frequent flier program if you like. It will measure things such as total value locked, total value earned and total value spent. More details on Shamrock will be given in our white paper which is to be released shortly.

Yes, positive actions within the community, in addition to economic activity, will be rewarded. Shamrock is the primary mechanism to achieve this.


Thank for answering the Twitter Questions.

Segment 3: Live AMA

Community Q1:
For the FANSPREDICT menu, will you penetrate the E-Sport scene?

Joshua Galloway:
Yes — we absolutely will be entering the eSports scene!

Community Q2:
To support fairness in a Lapricon Games a powerful tool is needed to detect cheating. How do Lapricon apply game fairness and anticipate game cheating?

Joshua Galloway:
A central part of many of our games will be an on-chain random number generator with verifably fair results. This should make cheating impossible for most prediction games.

Community Q3:
Are you mainly looking for bigger investors or is your platform friendly also for the smaller investors ? Is there any whitelist to participate in preSale ?

Joshua Galloway:
We are perfectly suited to smaller investors. Stay tuned for annoucements on the public sale of our L3P token, including details of our white list. We are building a platform suitable for everybody.

Community Q4:
For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project? Do you have enough fund for it’s developement Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit?

Joshua Galloway:
We have put together a really strong team iwth significant management experience in video games, eSports, prediction and casino gaming as well as experts from blockchain and outside disciplines such as marketing and branding. I believe our team is one of our major strengths and reasons why we will succeed. The project has been in development for the past year, since January.

Community Q5:
Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Joshua Galloway:
Full details of distribution are on our website but in brief…

The number of tokens minted is 777,777,777 with the team and advisors locked up for up to three years.

In addition, circulating supply on day one will be very low.

End of AMA Session……