Double Peak Group Named as Presale Investor for Lepricon

Hong Kong, 2nd February 2021 – Lepricon Technologies, a community-governed prediction games platform, announced today Double Peak Group’s participation as a presale investor. 

Double Peak Group is a private, family-run investment company that focuses on investments in the digital asset and blockchain space. They practice a value-investment methodology, choosing opportunities with solid fundamentals and a positive long-term outlook. They have invested across the entire blockchain ecosystem, from digital asset exchanges to tokenized real estate. 

“We are delighted that Double Peak Group shares our vision for gamification as a real-world application that will drive the adoption of Blockchain, ” remarked Joshua Galloway, Founder & CEO of Lepricon. “They have invested in many flagship products, and we are thrilled to be recognized for the potential that we offer.”

The Lepricon platform will launch in the second quarter of 2021. It will provide hyper-casual games for the general public that operate on a blockchain backbone via their native governance token, L3P. Three games, developed in-house, will accompany the launch. Lepricon will then open the platform to third-party developers. Lepricon will also offer opportunities for staking and liquidity mining to those that hold L3P. 

Lepricon recently released its white paper, available at

About Lepricon

Lepricon is a community-owned and governed prediction games platform that allows stakers, developers, and gamers to enjoy the benefits of DeFi in a gamified way, backed by a vibrant community in which all participants receive rewards for positive contributions and interactions.

Lepricon is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) – an organization represented by rules enshrined in computer code; transparent and controlled by the network participants and not by a central authority. 

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