We know MANTRA DAO fans have been waiting for this information, so here is what you need to know to participate in the Lepricon token sale on MANTRA DAO’s ZENDIT Launchpad.  First – note the time that the pool will open for the actual sale: Monday, March 15th at 1pm UTC ; 9pm GMT +8 […]

Poolz has now released its whitelist for the public sale of Lepricon, which will take place at 3 pm UTC on Wednesday, 17th March. To apply for the lottery draw, you will need to visit this link and have the following information handy: Your email address Your Telegram handle Your Twitter profile URL A link […]

Several thousand people filled in the Whitelist form on our website. Sadly, as much as we would have liked to accommodate as many people as possible, we now must close this list. We cannot consider any more allocations or invite any more people to directly participate in the KYC process.  We wish many more people […]

Lepricon’s prediction for a hyper-casual gaming future In our increasingly busy lives, one segment of the gaming industry continues to grow as the need for play, combined with the constraints of time and difficulty, drives the rise of hyper-casual gaming. With low barriers to entry and gameplay requiring very little preparation and time commitment, hyper-casual […]

Are you ready to go Duck Hunting? Lepricon’s second public token sale will occur on the Duck DAO Duckstarter platform on Wednesday 17th March at 2 pm UTC / 10 pm Hong Kong. For now, save the date. More information will be coming in the next couple of days with all the details of how […]