Leprichain is Lepricon’s private
ethereum-compatible side chain

When you use someone else’s blockchain, you have to pay the tolls. Ethereum charges Eth. Binance Smart Chain charges BNB, even if it charges a lot less! But we envisioned an environment where people could move their L3P between DeFi and playing activities at will, which will not happen when every single transaction incurs a cost. It just did not make sense.

Enter Leprichain. A fully ERC-compliant side chain built only for holders of L3P. You can add it to your Metamask the same way that you can add Binance Smart Chain. You can use a block explorer on it the same way you can use Etherscan. But there is one difference.

There are no gas fees for any activity on-chain.

Watch this video to learn more:

Why Leprichain?

How to use Leprichain

Excited? We are too!

Here's how to get started on using Leprichain:


Check Your Wallet is Connected Properly

Now that you are connected, you will see your available L3P balance on the right of the screen. On the left, you will see the amount of L3P currently staked on Leprichain.

How to Stake

Type in the amount that you wish to stake. It should be less or equal to the amount that you have in your available L3P balance. Press [Send]. Your Metamask wallet will ask for confirmation.

After you confirm, you will have to wait while Ethereum does its thing. When it has, you will see that your available balance has gone down, and your staked balance has gone up.


Yields on Leprichain

You will also see an adjusted daily rewards projection based on the fixed APR of 77.7%. The platform pays yield daily and is auto-compounded.

How to connect Leprichain to Metamask

As Leprichain is a fully ERC-compliant sidechain, you can add it to your Metamask. This is very easy to do.

Open Metamask and go to settings.


Click Networks, then click [Add Network].


Add the following information:

Network Name: Leprichain

New RPC URL: https://node.leprichain.blockwell.ai

Chain ID: 49777

Symbol: Put L3P but remember this is a gas-less blockchain, so there is no currency required to pay for transactions.

Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.leprichain.blockwell.ai


Now, make sure you have Leprichain as the active network.


Click “Add Token,” then choose the custom token tab.


Copy and paste the following contract hash into the token contract address field: 0x9fedef2647A356F545c13b27F9E0e9d7F08C87e9


You will now be able to see how much staked L3P (sL3P) you have on Leprichain.

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