Try your hand at guessing what the next card drawn in a deck will be. This game is fast, simple and easy to play. Guess correctly three times in a row and you can buy bitcoin at a discount from spot price. We even make it easy for you since there are only three types of cards. The deck holds 12 Kings, 12 queens and 4 Jokers. You can guess King or Queen. If the Joker is drawn then the house wins. That’s the whole game. You can play a couple of rounds in the time it takes to drink your Irish coffee so why not give it a shot?


Do you think you are good at predicting Bitcoin prices in the near future? If you are then this game is for you. We take real world data and ask you to guess where the price of bitcoin will be in the next few minutes. You can play this game quickly and easily in just a few minutes. Win a few rounds and you become eligible for prizes and the chance to buy bitcoin at a discount. What are you waiting for? Crypto price swings make this game exciting and fun.


If you love esports you will need to play Fans Predict. Get involved and pick out the winners of some great matches and win prizes and bragging rights with other players in this fast, simple and easy prediction game. How good are you at picking winners? Try it and find out. Use your head and pick using your ability to judge great teams or use your heart and choose the teams that you love and support. Fans Predict is a game for fans by fans.
April 27, 2021

KQJ Update

KQJ is real. We have proof! Here is a nine-minute gameplay video, edited from 30 minutes of raw gameplay. It’s riveting stuff! It’s from the actual […]
April 7, 2021

Lepricon and BEPRO Network sign development agreement to develop FansPredict

Lepricon has entered into a contractual agreement with BEPRO Network to develop the engine that will power FansPredict, a real-world events and sports hyper-casual prediction game, announced […]
March 23, 2021

Lepricon – The Road Ahead

One week ago, we were getting ready to conduct three public offerings and an initial DEX offering. We were a blockchain company with a value proposition […]
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