Follow the Leprichain to the Pot O’ Gold

We know that our community has been waiting for us to launch our staking solution, and after reading this article, you will be able to stake on a new platform, should you choose to do so. However, what we have created in conjunction with our smart contract partner, Blockwell, is no simple Ethereum staking solution.…
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Lepricon to Use Chainlink VRF for Provably Fair Selection of Winner in Pot O’ Gold NFT Draw

Lepricon, the blockchain-based gaming and prediction platform, is delighted to announce our planned use of Chainlink Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) within the upcoming Pot O’ Gold NFT draw. Chainlink VRF is an industry-leading secure and verifiable random number generator (RNG) that’s purpose-built for smart contracts, providing consuming applications with on-chain cryptographic proof of the random number’s integrity…
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Lepricon Selects YIELD App as Corporate Treasurer of Long-term USDT Assets

Gaming and NFT platform Lepricon is pleased to announce that it has selected YIELD App as an investment solution for its long-term USDT assets. Lepricon will invest a portion of the proceeds from its pre-sale USDT assets that are not required for operations in the coming year with the YIELD App platform, where its holding will earn up to…
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Lepricon and BEPRO Network sign development agreement to develop FansPredict

Lepricon has entered into a contractual agreement with BEPRO Network to develop the engine that will power FansPredict, a real-world events and sports hyper-casual prediction game, announced by Lepricon for launch later in 2021. Lepricon will leverage BEPRO’s considerable decentralized prediction code-base and backend infrastructure and integrate it with the front-end development already underway. “BEPRO’s technology…
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Lepricon and 18 Ventures Ink Business Development Deal

Lepricon is delighted to announce an investment and business development partnership with 18 Ventures. As well as taking a token allocation, 18 Ventures will work with Lepricon to create opportunities for business development, go-to-market strategy and help drive user and community growth. “We are delighted to get to work with Nathan,” said Joshua Galloway, Founder…
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The New Lepricon. Not the Same as the Old Lepricon
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