The Platform for Hyper-casual Games and DeFi

What happens when games meet Blockchain? We do!

Lepricon is a platform for hyper-casual games and predictive fun. We bring the best of blockchain technology and merge it with our love of games to showcase the next stage in entertainment.

We don’t believe in publisher-run economies. We believe in the player-owned and run economy, where your in-game currency means something and has real value.

We believe gaming to be one of the great on-ramps to the world of blockchain because we can present the capabilities of this technology in ways that are relevant to the things real people do in their lives.

At the same time, our in-game currency, L3P, is a fully functional ERC-20 token. Not only can you play games with it, but you can also stake it for high yield returns, and participate in community features on the Lepricon platform, simply by connecting your wallet containing L3P.

The Team

Joshua Galloway

Founder & CEO

Stephen Browne

Chief Operating Officer

Phil Ingram

Chief Marketing Officer

Emily Ho

Product Marketing Manager

David Phalaris

Game Producer

Jure Zih

NFT Advisor

Osgur Murphy O'Kane

Business Analyst

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